Our Story

L'Epicerie Fine HK

Everything started with Baptiste and his cousin in Paris when they were still students. Both passionate about the street art movement and the street culture, they created L'Epicerie Fine with another friend Bézy. The main goal was to promote an art life to people around them with different artists. During those years, Louis and Bézy painted a lot in the Parisian streets. They started to exhibit in La Galerie with some other friends in the Oberkampf neighbourhood.

Alongside exhibiting in a gallery, they started to create events and promoted street artists from the Parisian scene in bars, cafés and private clubs. These events were even relayed in local newspapers and "things to do" in Paris.

After organizing several exhibitions while being a student, Baptiste went back to Hong Kong, his city of heart. Seeing that the local scene has changed and was growing, he had in mind to open his gallery and developped a street art scene between France and Hong Kong.

Being an art consultant for more than a year in a gallery in Hong Kong, Baptiste wanted to get back to his first love - Street Art.

That is how L'Epicerie Fine HK has been created. After several years in the industry, we were recognize and the evolution of our business as well, so our name became L'Epicerie Fine Art - still sharing our passion for street art on the on the Hong Kong art.

Come and enjoy our pop-up exhibitions, showrooms and all the different art pieces we have online or even in private collections. 

- Live your dream. Mine is being able to show you talents -