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A-mended Sicovecas Indonesia Street ArtSicovecas is an Indonesian artist based in Yogyakarta who started graffiti in 2005. He found his name in 2006 as “As I See” (SIC).

He finds his style as he played within the time with the different elements of nature. Mixing the water and the flora with even human jugs meant a lot to him as he grew up in Jogja, a city well known for being colorful and in harmony with nature. Although it is subtle, the element of water is really central to Sicovecas’ work.

Perpetually dissatisfied by his work and the desire to dig even deeper in his own style and the elements, Sicovecas pushes himself to experiment different mediums and textures. From murals, to canvases, works on paper and even ceramics and collaborations with textiles creators, he’s more looking for the essence and energy in his paint than creating a high detailed piece. The creation and its processes are part of his sensibility.

All of these patterns which are characteristic of his style are reflecting the movement and the energy of Sicovecas flow becoming in the end an abstract work full of harmony and poetry. There is an appeasing feeling while staring at his work in the urban area where it fits perfectly.

Sicovecas Indonesia street art Mural paintingSicovecas Indonesia street art Mural painting

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