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Post No bill by Boms

L’Epicerie Fine HK is delighted to present you a solo show by Hong Kong graffiti artist Boms.

Boms is a street artist and graffiti writer, working and living in Hong Kong. Born in 1990, his early works focused on acrylic on canvas. His interest started to grow on street dancing at the age of 17 and he became deeply influenced by hip-hop culture. He devoted himself to mural creation since he had his first taste of graffiti and spray paint. Hong Kong local stories are a common theme among his creations. By transforming feelings into imaginary characters and words, each character that drops from his brush becomes an emotion. Such a crazy world but an honest one in which Boms lives.

In 2014, he met another local graffiti writer, and he brought Boms to the Hong Kong graffiti scene. Boms then started to use the spray can and kept exploring other different media for his art until now. Boms has been doing graffiti for 6 years now. Quoting Boms “My favorite part of graffiti is that it’s raw and down to earth. It’s also some kind of connection between me and the city that I can literally see, it reminds me where I’m from.” The city aspect and volumes are a really important point while Boms does graffiti. The perfect spot or the best shot that can be made is essential but above all these facts, Boms loves the concrete and the urban environment until his flow and stroke take everything under control in order to create.

His universe is like telling people how he sees the world. Loads of things are happening around Hong Kong every day and people have different ways to express their emotions. His way is to visualize his feelings and turn them into characters. Back in the days, when he was still working in a design agency, bad things happened every day to Boms. It made him feel stressed, angry and depressed. Like a bomb that can’t literally explode. That is how he created his core character BOMS a.k.a. Ar Jar (Jar, the pronunciation of “explode” in Cantonese). Ar Jar is a spiritual monster that was born in negative energy. The artist thinks that everyone in Hong Kong has a BOMS in their mind.

The artist gives life to usual and common objects, machines or even transports that we get to see in our everyday life in Hong Kong. He then makes his own stories and imagines the machine changing into a monster and transcribes his own world by an image. Black and white are the roots of all his ideas, the structure of the character, the texture and finally the personality. Boms also loves to add words to the background to describe more about the scene. Black and white is also his way to practice his hand style, the shades and the line quality. Every piece is a long process. That’s why Boms says that “his characters are growing up with him. and brings self-awareness” about what he just created with his emotions and words.

Post No Bill! relates and presents Boms life course and his background. L’Epicerie Fine HK will be presenting his first solo show organized in a gallery. After being in contact for a few years and seeing his work evolving in a more fine, urban and street style, we thought that the timing was right in order to show Boms work to the public. Several artworks including canvases, drawings, limited edition prints and art toys will be presented at the show in which every part of his current work is explored:

  • Hong Kong Graffiti in the streets and local Hip-Hop Culture
  • Hong Kong city and society
  • Local objects and machines turning into characters and emotions
  • Chinese Hand-Style vs Chinese calligraphy
  • Work process that brings self-awareness to Bom’s art

Boms is a humble, hardworking and young artist full of promises for the future of the Hong Kong street art scene. Welcome to his wonderland!


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