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Kurar street art hong kong

Kurar, born in 1983, is a French artist. He started by doing graffiti in the 1990's. Nowadays, his work focuses on our daily life, our society and our fast-changing world. His critical eye expresses itself within his artworks of our failing society, political and social tensions. His observations are transposed in a critical and black humor style using his stencils skills and working with acrylic and spray paint. 

Kurar gives us an understanding about his topics and invites the public to think about it. From these topics, could we as human take a few steps back and make a change on our society and consumerism? This is where Kurar invites us, the viewers, to take a direction and to take back control on our life and dream again to change our world. He opens a world full of satire but also of opportunities. 

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