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Ramzi Saibi artistRamzi Saibi artistRamzi Saibi artist

Ramzi Saibi is the author of a contemporary Arabic calligraphy marked by multiple influences and inspired by tradition to create novelty. With a modern and urban touch, this artist forges and sculpts shapes and symbols that interpret words. His art is the reflection of his dual culture. He defines his style as a “merging of calligraphy and contemporary art, a symbiosis between the East and the West”. Having a double culture is a richness for Ramzi such as his art in which he uses abstraction and graffiti technics.

Calligraphy is an art that can be represented in various forms for Ramzi and not only on canvases.

Ramzi Saibi has been travelling around the world since 2015 in order to enlighten several cities of the five continents with his light graffiti. This will result in a large-scale project entitled "MAY THE LIGHT BE WITH YOU" . This project will consist in five episodes of videos and documentary clips that will bring together the bright calligraphy performed by the artist. An itinerant exhibition of all the shots will be organized at the end of the five episodes. The first step is in Hong Kong with L'Epicerie Fine. 

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