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Wall building Egg Fiasco & Ceet FouadEggfiasco, an artist from the Philippines, born in 1986 with an insatiable fascination for illustrations, charts, and drawings found in newspapers and books. While studying fine arts at a university in Manila, Eggfiasco's passion took a new direction in 2006 when he became captivated by the world of wall tagging and graffiti. 

The name "Egg" originated from the playful adaptation of his classmates mispronouncing his name "Greg" as "Geg." Over time, it evolved into "Egg." Meanwhile, the addition of "Fiasco" was inspired by the movie "Elizabethtown".

Egg Fiasco Artist Philippines Dragon Canvas

Eggfiasco embarked on a journey of exploration, experimenting with various styles and techniques. His artistic creations draw inspiration from a multitude of influences, encompassing not only urban art but also elements of pop culture, folk arts, comic graphics, toys, and tattoo culture. Through his distinct imagery, Eggfiasco strives to construct dynamic worlds that constantly mutate and transform. His artwork often exhibits retro-futuristic visuals and features enigmatic characters. 

With each creation, Egg continues to push artistic boundaries and captivate audiences with his unique blend of influences and dynamic compositions.

Egg Fiasco Artist Philippines Wall Painting

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