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Creepy Mouse floor painting Taiwan

Started with graffiti in 2008 with school class mates, Tsai Song Ting, aka Creepy Mouse, is a Taiwanese street artist from Tainan.

Why Creepy Mouse you may ask yourself? “It is because people from graffiti are a like a mouse to the public eye.” Graffiti artists are present but no one are really noticing and seeing them painting on the streets in the middle of the night.

In 2011, Tsai took a turn to specialized himself in Calligraphy. However, his first practice wasn’t Chinese calligraphy but Gothic letters, a style that was dominant from the 9th to the 15th centuries in Central Europe. So, he learned and practiced with recognized masters in this domain. Since 2015, he is part of the “Calligraffiti” movement from the street art: applying calligraphy and graffiti together.  

In his career evolution, Creepy Mouse took another direction and went to test himself with Chinese Calligraphy. He was intrigue and interested to incorporate his own roots and culture into his work. Today, the majority of his work starts from a Chinese character and the whole canvas takes shape from that specific word.

For each artwork, he uses a 3 or 4 colors palette in which we often find gold, silver or red to give the final piece a vibrant or deeper effect. His techniques, while using the brush with the pressure, the stroke and the line, are really fantastic. You can definitely tell that he is really mastering his tool. An amazing energy comes out from his work. Today they are mainly inspired by life emotions that he applies on an art piece by combining his words and his emotions.

Creepy Mouse & Satr collaboration mural paintingCreepy Mouse Mural painting 2020
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