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Ardif, born in 1986, is a French street artist based in Paris. During his studies of architecture, he has interest in the aesthetics of buildings, machines and the fauna. Indeed, Ardif explored encyclopedias where he could find perfect detailed explanations and representations of the fauna. Today, his work explores possibilities between architecture, machinery and nature.
His main series "Mechanimals" is the illustration of this graphic universe. Most of this series is visible all around the walls of Paris. The natural symmetry of the animal allows a composition that plays on the contrast of materials, scales and textures. This urban fauna creates a contrast that questions us about the impact of nature or, conversely, of the wild and primitive instinct to be found in our urban life.
Ardif still continues to explore this universe and learns a great deal while studying the fauna and flora from other cultures.
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  • Asian Dragon Mechanical
    Dragon black and white painting with mechanics painted by French street artist Ardif
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