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Zinan Lam artist China - building tower painting

Zinan Lam, born in 1983, grew up in Chaozhou, in Guangdong, China. He first came into contact with street culture as a teenager and started Graffiti. He now lives and works in Shanghai, combining traditional Chinese art and mixed media techniques while creating in his studio and being commissioned for murals around China. 

Zinan Lam artist China - Canvas installation

His artistic journey is known for its unique fusion of traditional Chinese elements with contemporary techniques. Zinan Lam's works draw inspiration from classical Chinese techniques, symbolism, culture and poems in which they seamlessly blend with modern art mediums, topics and subjects.

His distinctive style is characterized by meticulous brushwork, delicate ink washes, and a sophisticated use of color palette. His art often explores themes of cultural heritage, identity, and societal issues, prompting viewers to engage in introspection and dialogue.

His artwork are harmonious, full of poetry and are the synthesis of balanced, smoothness and patience work. 

Zinan Lam artist China - Floating vermilion landscape canvasZinan Lam artist China - Floating vermilion canvas

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