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The French Girl street artThe French Girl Street artThe French Girl street art

The French Girl grew-up in Paris, surrounded by street art. She got first intrigued by Space Invader & Andre’s cute characters spreading good vibes around the city. She then developed her creativity in another direction, graduating from the French Perfume School of Versailles.

Today based in Hong Kong, art hub in Asia, she recently met Nasty and Ceet in person, reactivating the long-time fascination she’s always had for street art. Convinced that colors are livening up lives, The French Girl is sharing positive and energizing messages through her art.

Inspired by the traditional Chinese symbol of double happiness, she gave it a personal twist, creating a double heart symbol and message.

« We need Love more than anything else in this tough period of time. My double love could mean love your family, love your friends, love your job, love your neighbors, love your pets, love your city, etc. The recent evolution with the shining double Heart invites to share & to spread Love ».

The French Girl is spraying and spreading her « Heart Pieces ». Colorful, shiny and fun, every piece is an invitation to enjoy life and spread love & happiness around you.

The artist work focuses on 3 different formats and medium:

  • Impact
  • Slim
  • Compact

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